[Poly-p-ux] /dev/one patch

Poly-p man polypolyman at ibiblio.org
Mon Mar 31 16:46:05 EDT 2008

Hi, all. Attached is the /dev/one patch, untested by me at least, correctly 
formatted for kernel patching. I will be including this in the 586 version of 
poly-p-ux coming up, and will include it in all releases beyond this.

However, I was thinking that this could be sent to the kernel devs for 
possible inclusion. So, FreeBSoD (the actual author of this, who is among us 
right now), if you would like to send it to them (after I test it real 
quick), that would be great, if you would like me to send it to them, that 
would be great too, I'd be sure to add your name in the "from:" line (see 
http://www.zipworld.com.au/%7Eakpm/linux/patches/stuff/tpp.txt ).

To the rest of you, have fun with it (patches correctly against, I'm 
testing to make sure it works), and feedback would be nice.

poly-p man

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