[Poly-p-ux] New release soon...

Poly-p man polypolyman at ibiblio.org
Fri Jun 27 21:49:00 EDT 2008

Well, it's release time soon... I have some things planned (new init
system, dropping bash for ash, newer, better config'ed kernel, more
memory optimizations, all three architectures support, etc.)

I'll take care of finishing init, and all of the release/put together
process, but I have a few non-essential but greatly-appreciated tasks
(everything that should really happen, but I never bothered with
before). What I can think of:

 * Live floppy images (or at least support stuff, such as a hacked
   together installer applet...)
 * Package manager cleanup (I know david was interested... anyone is
 * Anything else you can think of...

If anyone is insterested in any of these issues, have fun.

Just remember, this summer is the season that poly-p-ux will become a
respectable, usable distribution... or at least close :D

poly-p man

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