[Poly-p-ux] I'm writing you a package manager

Poly-p man polypolyman at ibiblio.org
Wed Apr 9 15:20:48 EDT 2008

Sweet! If you can implement a few improvements over what I have, that would be 
great. Basically, a few things I want:

Right now, two packages with similar names won't work. Take fortune - if the 
main program were "fortune", then any package with "fortune" in the name 
would be renamed. Currently, it is "fortune6", and I also 
have "fortunes-good" and "fortunes-off", which works, but if it 
were "fortune", "fortunes-good" and "fortunes-off" wouldn't work.

Also, having some sort of revdep-rebuild would be nice - currently, 
uninstalling packages could be harmful if other things depend on them.

A few things to remember:

1. Low memory usage. These systems are old.

2. Don't assume network/internet, though if you added it as an extra feature, 
it would be nice.

3. It must match or improve upon the current snailage scripts.

poly-p man

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