[Poly-p-ux] I'm writing you a package manager

David Forsythe dforsythe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 10:52:57 EDT 2008

So, I'm (ha1f) bored as all hell and I decided I'd write you a very simple
package manager.  I'm hoping to have it usable in the next two weeks because
it's going to be extremely minimal and simple.  My goal isn't to make it
particularly fast, but rather to keep whatever doesn't need to be on the
disk off of it.  Basically here's the plan:

- Single file holds information about where to fetch package listings.

- Package listings will themselves be text files.  Ideally, you can even
host them on you ibiblio site because they shouldn't ever get too heavy.
They're fetched when needed by the package manager and deleted after the run
unless told other wise.  The listing will hold package names, revision
numbers (those are set by the list maintainer), download links for files,
and then links to a single script which can do things like fetch and apply
patches.  So, for instance if you want nethack, the package manager would
grab the listing, find nethack, grab nethack (hopefully hosted by the
nethack peoples), grab the script, then act.  Obviously, this is compile
centric, which I probably not ideal, so I might add an entry for a binary
link that can be used if the end user so desires.

- Basic functionality is all it needs, so add and remove will be in there of
course.  I'm not sure about update, but there will definitely be a way to
check for out of date packages.

- It should extensible with shell scripts, so adding features won't require
hacking and rebuilding C code.

That's all I have right now, it's really just like super light pkgsrc.
David Forsythe
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