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Horak, David DavidHorak at bbg.org
Mon Jan 11 16:22:36 EST 2016

Somehow I only just received this ancient thread forwarded via the Digest but a year out, it is timely for me. 

In the past I'd noticed the "similarity" of the two species as reflected by the plants in our collection here at BBG (Brooklyn Botanic Garden) but never gotten around to really looking into it; to complicate it even more there are images of Lepanthes cordeliae, on line, that are identical as well. As it turns out, in the last couple of days I was thinking I needed to get some clarity on the wonderful identical plants we have carrying three different names.  I am pretty sure most of those attributed as cordeliae are wrong but it does highlight how misidentifications of similar - or even not so similar - species get propagated very easily and quickly via the internet so that our understanding of what something "is" can be very off the mark.

As I do not have access to the Icones or Selbyana myself at the moment to compare, was there ever any result or follow up clarifying these species? 

Dave Horak	

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Hello, I have a Lepanthes adrianae (labelled as such from Ecuagenera). It looks very similar to web photos of Lepanthes sijmii. Both were described by Luer and Sijm in Selbyana 23(1) which I don't have. Does anyone have a scan of the type drawings of each? Did Luer ever publish these in ICONES Pleurothallidarium? Thank you, Bill
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