[pleurothallid-l] Seed capsule development in Pleurothallis saracenia?

geiger at vetigastropoda.com geiger at vetigastropoda.com
Fri Jan 13 10:03:52 EST 2012

Second question:

I have a Pl. saracenia, which developed a seed capsule in July 2011. Now in January 2012 it 
looks still the same: triangular, fully green, old flower attached to end. How long does it take 
for the capsule to fully mature? I plan on taking some scanning electron micrographs of the 
seeds, but want to make sure that the seeds are fully developed. 

Has anybody done SEM on pleuroseeds in general? Can seeds simply be air-dried, or would 
critical point drying or Hexamethyldisilizane treatment be advantageous to avoid any 

Obviously, I'm having way too much fun. Thanks for any insights or pointers.

Best wishes


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