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I'm Jim Rassmann and I live in Florence, Oregon. First - I have several small (3 & 4 leaf divisions I think) of D. gorgona xanthina 'Colomborquideas' FCC/AOS for sale at $500 each. All have been divided and repotted about 3 - 4 months ago and are in good health. If you wish I can supply images of them for your perusal. This plant was purchased directly from the owner, Sra. Ligia Posada de Moreno at Colomborquideas in Medellin, Colombia. Sra. Posada (who is now 91 and a good friend of many years actually made me get on my knees and beg).

I have an extensive collection of Draculas and would be willing to sell extras. However - John Leathers (Hawk Hill) has the most comprehensive collection of Masd's and Drac's in the country and he is a good friend. His plants are all well grown and in excellent condition.

You can contact me via this emaill address or by cell at 541-9910922.

Best, Jim

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Hi everybody.

I'm new to this group, live in the greater LA area and grow a  variety of orchids. Obviously need a cool house which is full  of
 cloud forest plants.  The main emphasis for the last years has been Dracula.  At present time have about 100 Drac species and a few hybrids and
 would like to make contact with others who are interested in Dracula. 
 There are 3 areas of interest.

1)  Many of my Dracs can be divided and traded for other Dracs or Pleuros.  

2)  I would like to learn about sources of hard to find Dracula.

 I need partners to purchase expensive items.  As an example,
 Hawk Hills has a gorgeous Drac gorgona xanthia 'Colombo' FCC/AOS which 
lists for $850.   Add tax and we are at $915, out of my reach.  With 3 or
 more partners the plant could be purchased and over the course of 4 to 6
 month divided into appropriate portions bringing the price within 
reach.  At present time I have one partner for this plant but need more.  If 
the plant is bought outside of California, the 8% sales tax is also 

If any of this is of interest contact me at orchidnick at yahoo.com or phone me at 310-560-4384.


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