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nicholas braemer orchidnick at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 10:09:53 EDT 2011

Hi everybody.

I'm new to this group, live in the greater LA area and grow a  variety of orchids. Obviously need a cool house which is full  of cloud forest plants.  The main emphasis for the last years has been Dracula.  At present time have about 100 Drac species and a few hybrids and
 would like to make contact with others who are interested in Dracula. 
 There are 3 areas of interest.

1)  Many of my Dracs can be divided and traded for other Dracs or Pleuros.  

2)  I would like to learn about sources of hard to find Dracula.

 I need partners to purchase expensive items.  As an example,
 Hawk Hills has a gorgeous Drac gorgona xanthia 'Colombo' FCC/AOS which 
lists for $850.   Add tax and we are at $915, out of my reach.  With 3 or
 more partners the plant could be purchased and over the course of 4 to 6
 month divided into appropriate portions bringing the price within 
reach.  At present time I have one partner for this plant but need more.  If 
the plant is bought outside of California, the 8% sales tax is also 

If any of this is of interest contact me at orchidnick at yahoo.com or phone me at 310-560-4384.


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