[pleurothallid-l] peroxide heat-schock treatment details, please

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Mon Oct 17 18:21:56 EDT 2011


We had some rather drastic temperature swings in southern California in the past month, and a  number of my pleuros started dropping perfectly healthy leaves right at the abscission point. I heard at the Southland Orchid Show at the 
Huntington Garden in Pasadena, Los Angeles, that this could be heat-stress, and that it can be arrested with a bath of the roots in peroxide, straight from the bottle! Sounds crazy, but I have nothing to loose.

Does anybody have details on this?
- Strength: really straight from the bottle? Or dilute, by how much?
- where: only roots, or douse entire plant?
- should it soak in for a while (how long), or just a quick drip?
- should the plant be rinsed in water right after, or should the peroxide be permitted to stay on till the next watering?

I have a swamp cooler going, and humidity is maintained around 70-80% with automated misters and humidity sensor. Affected plants are rather those with thin grassy leaves (Masdevallia erinacea, Pleurothallis sp. Panama (2x), Pl. 
truncata) but some with thicker leaves also showed effects (Pl. obscura [RIP], Masd. zahlbruckneri {RIP]). Others are completely unaffected (Pl. petiolata, Pl. simji, Pl. amparoa, Dryadella zebrina, D. elata, D. albicans, 4 Dresslerella species, 2 
Myoxanthus species, 3 Dracula species).
During the peak, constant summer heat, everything was fine, so I think it is the rather extreme swings that did the number on them. Essentially, they got the yearly range overnight. A bit much for those tropical plants, I guess.

Thanks for your collective wisdom.


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