[pleurothallid-l] What is Dryadella lansbergii/langburgii?

geiger at vetigastropoda.com geiger at vetigastropoda.com
Sun May 29 14:15:07 EDT 2011

Just got a plant with a tag reading Dryadella langburgii, while the seller's website lists it as Dryadella lansbergii (http://www.sborchid.com/plantdisplay.php?
ocode=DRY00015). Looks like a Dryadella (it is not Pleurothallis lansbergii). I tried to trace the name with Jay's and google, to no avail. No flowers on my 
specimen yet, so could be a number of things. Leaves look similar to D. zebrina (aka typical Dryadella). Any idea what this could be for real? Seems to be some 
old label switch, but would be nice to know what actual species I got.

Thanks for the collective wisdom.

As I am new to the list, let me quickly introduce myself. Been growing orchids for about 7 years, starting with California native Epipactis gigantea outdoors in 
SoCal, then got into terrarium (intermediate temp, various light levels, 80%RH), finished earlier this year a mini greenhouse (aka greenhut, or walk-in 
terrarium), pretty shady. I grow exclusively species, like minis, so lots of pleurothallids (Pleurothallis, Dryadella, Dreslerella, Myoxanthus, Lepanthes, 
Lepanthopsis, Masdevallia, Stelis, Dracula, Platystele, Octomeria, Restrepia, Scaphosepalum Trichosalpinx), about 200 species overall, maybe 50-60% 
pleurothallids. I also do photography, from 4x5" large format, to 35 mm digiSLR macro, z-stacking on stereomicroscope, and scanning electron microscopy. 
Member of the California Native Plant Soc., Santa Barbara Orchid Society, San Fernando Valley OS, the SoCal Orchid Species Society, and just joined the 
Pleurothallid Alliance.

Best wishes


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