[pleurothallid-l] Mounting Pleuothallis pectinata upside down?

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I lusted after P. pectinata for years and finally got one (apparently the only one they had) from SBOE about four years ago. I grow it under intermediate conditions, but suspect that it likes it on the warmer end. It is mounted pendant on a tree fern slab along with a mound of sphagnum and appears to grow only one new leaf per year. It is now about a foot long. It grows along with Draculas and many different Masdevallias and Pleuros in the gh. I don't believe that we can ever expect "rampant" growth out of this species. If you ever find out any habitat info I'd like to hear about it.

Luck - Jim Rassmann
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  I recently (3 months ago) got a Pleurothallis pectinata (aka the plunger). It came in a 2" plastic pot (opening to top = away from gravity) in a hanging wood basket with 4 leaves hanging over the side. Then I 
  saw at another grower a plant mounted "upside down", the leaves hanging out of the bottom of a basket. This made sense to me, so I remounted my plant in plenty of moss, some bark for air in an upside-
  down basket (big opening to floor, wire hangers attached to former base). The medium and plant are kept in the basket with crossed wires. The 4 leaves seem to be happy, they flower, but there has been no 
  growth activity (I kind of get the sense, that the species is not a fast grower, so I may just be impatient). So I worry whether I just screwed it up. Does anybody know what the cues are for new leaf development:
  - positive phototactic
  - geotactic (positive/negative)
  - following the other leaves ?
  Any ideas on how many leaves one should expect to develop in a given amount of time?
  Anything to consider with mounting this species?

  Thanks for taking the time. Best wishes


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