[pleurothallid-l] Contact to Pleuro Alliance re ordered book?

Lynn O'Shaughnessy freespirit at pleurothallids.com
Fri Jul 15 07:49:00 EDT 2011

Your new member packet went out on 6-1-11, so must have gotten lost in the
mail.  I will send out another packet.  Thanks for letting me know!

Lynn O

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Please accept apologies for abusing the listserver, but I cannot find a
direct contact e-mail on the PA home page; those overly crafty contact-links
don't work for me.

I joined the PA a while ago and also ordered the blue book on Masdevallias
and Affiliates. I have no idea about the status of that order, so try to
find out. Whom should I contact?

Thanks, and sorry again for doing the laundry in public. 


P.S. Just got a Pleurothallis saracenia forming a seed capsule. An
opportunity to put seeds under the SEM! Now that's fun.
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