[pleurothallid-l] New member introduction

Vanessa Castleberry vmax_pchem at mac.com
Mon May 3 18:35:04 EDT 2010


A little personal history:  I have just completed a PhD in Physical Chemistry.  It was challenging and fun, but it's nice to be done.  I am looking at taking a job with a rocket engine manufacturing company, so keep your fingers crossed!  I am married and we have three shelter cats that share our home.  

Okay, now to the interesting part:  I am a greenhouse/terrarium grower in Central Texas.  I just love my pleuros, in all of their variety.  This last weekend, I attended the Oklahoma Orchid Society's show that was combined with the spring AOS members meeting.  I went to the Pleurothallis Alliance meeting, and promptly signed up to be a member!  I offer you my list below...not all of them are or have bloomed, yet.  There are some that I feel immense relief just to see them make it through the summers down here.  Two years ago, my husband built me a humidifier/cooler that kept the greenhouse in the low to mid eighties when outside it was in the triple digits.  

I enjoy learning about these little gems and was glad to meet with a bunch of pleuro enthusiasts this weekend.  Also, I ended up bringing a couple more home, but they haven't been added to the list, yet!  I hope to get know some of you online and, maybe we will meet at a meeting some day.  


Vanessa Castleberry

Condylago rodrigoi
Dracula inaequalis
Dracula lotax
Lepanthes calodictyon
Lepanthopsis astrophora 'stalky'
Masdevallia angulata
Masdevallia discoidea
Masdevallia Equisite Mary
Masdevallia exquisita
Masdevallia floribunda 'A'
Masdevallia imposter x floribunda
Masdevallia infracta purple
Masdevallia livingstoneana
Masdevallia mejiana
Masdevallia Nancy
Masdevallia nicaraguae
Masdevallia Rosemary
Masdevallia sijmiana x self
Masdevallia zahlbruckneri
Physothallis cylindrica
Platystele stenostachya
Pleurothallis amparoana
Pleurothallis brighamii
Pleurothallis cardiothallis
Pleurothallis cypripedioides
Pleurothallis gracillima
Pleurothallis grobyi
Pleurothallis minutalis
Pleurothallis ornata
Pleurothallis pachyglossa
Pleurothallis palliolata
Pleurothallis pterophora
Pleurothallis rubella
Pleurothallis sertularoides
Pleurothallis sonderana
Pleurothallis sp #6 Panama
Pleurothallis tribuloides
Pleurothallis truncata
Scaphosepalum fimbriatum
Scaphosepalum rapax
Scaphosepalum verrucosum
Stelis argentata

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