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marcusadriana marcusadriana at mls.com.br
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I have a small ranch in the south-atlantic rain forest of altitude and perhaps can show you some of my native Pleutothallis alliance in their natural habitat and show their climate and environmental needs.
Do not know if I can email photos, so I ask if someone would like to see them.
Marcus Rezende

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  Wow..  There is life out there!


  Hi Chris.  Glad to hear from you.  I am actually in Santa Cruz.  About 3 hours north of you.  I am up by San Francisco more or less.


  You are in a Orchid growing meca.  I am jealous.  Not  that I have much of anything to complain about myself.  Climate is pretty tame up my way as well.  Do you come up for the SF show usually?  


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  My name is Chris and I also grow a number of pleurothallids in coastal CA, and I am interested in knowing where you live. I live in Grover Beach which is near Pismo Beach. Are you close by?



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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Forrest. I hope everyone is doing well. I just thought I would drop a line to introduce myself since I am new to the group.

    I live in the United States in Coastal California. I have a small hobby greenhouse where I grow mainly Pleurothallis and allies as well as Bulbophyllum. I have done what is probably very common among enthusiasts which is when I started off growing orchids years ago I was very attracted to the large and bold plants and flowers. As my addicti, er, *cough* collection grew, space became more and more of a premium. Then I was introduced to the world of miniatures and the bizarre (read awesome) orchids of the Pleurothallid Alliance. I was immediately smitten and have been busy learning as much as I could ever since. Now my collection is made up of primarily pleuro alliance species with the rest being Bulbophyllum or other odd species. My greenhouse is I to I/C. I also grow some stuff outdoors year round such as a few Mexican Laelias and some Masdevallia species.

    Well, I think that is all for now. I look forward to talking with all of you.


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