[pleurothallid-l] Temperature Controlled Cabinets

Damian Barton daemondamian at optusnet.com.au
Sat Sep 8 01:06:22 EDT 2007

I am enquiring as to whether anyone might have contact details for 
Malcolm Adams, Eastem Canada Orchid Society
whose article Temperature Controlled Cabinets - Part 1 appeared in the 
The Journal of the Canadian Orchid Congress, The Quebec Issue - November 


The first part discusses a cabinet using of controlled refridgeration 
unit, but this is to keep temperatures at 10C to 15C.

The second part describes a cabinet using a self built evaporative cooler

Part 2 can be found here:

He mentions that a third cabinet is under construction.

I am in the process of building such a cabinet and I wish to emply some 
means of ensuring the
temperature stays below 25C.

I am most keen to see if he has taken any photographs of both his 
cabinets, and what level of success he has
had in growing particular Pleurothallids.


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