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This "species" does have the ability to bloom with more than one flower per peduncle. I firmly believe that M.niesseniae is actually Masd.Oriole (vietch.x.reichenbachiana) they have exactly the same flower, growth habit and bloom simultaneously in my collection and are indestinquishable when placed side by side. My plants of M.niesseniae came from Andrea Niessen and Lynn so I am pretty confident that I have "the real thing". I know of no other species in the coccinea section (which it supposedly belongs to) that has that ability.
The only way we will know for absolute is if we can have some DNA work done on the plant. It appears to me that there are several possible hybrids (natural or otherwise) that have been recently described as species - very similar to the problems that have occurred in the genus Dracula over the years.

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>Would any folks who are flowering this regularly and well please let me 
>know if you are getting more than one flower per peduncle, in rapid 
>succession?  I will share my experience: out of perhaps 20 peduncles, 6 
>have borne two flowers.  This shows no signs of stopping; the next two 
>are promising to be doubles.  I'd like to hear from you if you have had 
>lots of peduncles but always single flowers, sometimes successive 
>flowers, whatever. 
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