[pleurothallid-l] Information needed about a "Pleurothallis johnsonii"

Lisa Thoerle lthoerle at alumni.uchicago.edu
Fri Oct 20 14:32:27 EDT 2006

I acquired a plant labeled "Pleurothallis johnsonii"  from the 
Pleurothallid Alliance auction in Boston in 1992.  On the back of the 
label is "Webster 7/92"--to the best of our ability to decipher this 
very old label.  We know the plant was from Guatemala and that it came 
from someone well known in the pleur community.  If anybody knows who 
might have donated this plant to the auction, or (dare I hope?) might be 
the donor of this plant, please respond.off-list.  This plant is of 
great interest to our guru.   

Many thanks,
Lisa,  pleurothallidiot

Lisa Thoerle, Little Compton, RI
lthoerle at alumni.uchicago.edu
lthoerle at cox.net

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