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Lynn O'Shaughnessy freespirit at pleurothallids.com
Sat Jul 22 20:28:37 EDT 2006

Dear All, 

This is a message to all my orchid/plant buddies I've met through the years
either through Gardenweb or elsewhere. I apologize for the mass email
and if I cause any inconvenience in your receiving of this email
unsolicited. There will be no following emails otherwise.


Why the sale
My relationship of many years has ended recently and the (former) SO and I
will be separating soon. Because of this, I have to give up almost all my
orchids as I just won't be able to care for them by myself. The sale of
these plants are solely to help out with expenses as I transition to live on
my own.


Why you
I thought to email all you first before I start looking to OS's and
vendors as I wanted above all to give the plants to those who would
really appreciate them AND can take care of them adequately and give
them a good home…particularly to those I know and trust.

The Plants
The plants I offer are all from my personal collection. I have mainly
species, some hybrids all that I have grown myself. Some of them are
quite hard to find.  Attached is the list of my plants as an excel sheet.

I divided the list into 4 separate categories as worksheets on in excel
(each list below has taps at bottom of workbook):

1. Complete species/hybrid list, sorted by NAME
2.Sorted by GROUP - these are all the plants grouped by class or whatever
they call them these days- catts, paphs, vandaceous, etc.
3.PLEUROTHALLIDS- these are what I mostly grew, many are in good state.
4.MINIATURES- these are the compilation of all the plants of the above
that are miniatures, should you choose to be interested in size first
(I know many of you are running out of space...)

Let me know if you cannot view the lists.

I also have a number of non-orchids I need to give up, if you are
interested, please email me and I can send you the list. These compromise of
a couple carnivorous plants, a number of gesneriads, and various "tropical
foliage"; and if you do bonsai, a number of shohin sized tropical bonsai.  



 I have them priced loosely according to what I bought them for, or to what
the current state of the plants (some not-so-hot are cheaper, for instance,
or more established full plants are more expensive). I tried to price them
to just below the lowest general vendor value of the species/hybrid. 


If you are really interested in a large number of plants, I will gladly
lower the price as it would be a great benefit to give them off sooner than
later. If you would really like a certain plant specifically, also let me
know and we can talk about pricing for that instance. like i said, I'd
rather my plants go to those who can AND will try to grow them well.

I would be very thankful of any requests for plants. Just email me the list
of plants you want. First come, First serve. Ideally I'd like to move out
ASAP, so any orders you set I'll ship ASAP. Email me to talk about what you
would like to pay, and how to make payment (usually check, but can accept
credit card orders through paypal- but still have to figure that out.) I
will probably have to charge actual shipping costs as well, but we can
figure that out. I will ship on Mondays and Saturdays, please let me know of
any weather circumstances before shipping. I realize it' very, very hot in
many parts of the country, and can wait till a coolr time to ship, if need

Any advice or suggestions or inquiries regarding culture, size, etc on
plants are welcome, since these were my babies for so many years... feel
free to ask. Especially if you'd like recommendations on plants for
terrarium setups or whatnot.  I also have pictures of some of them should
you request to see the actual plant or flower.

Feel free to forward the list
If you know of anyone else who might be interested – especially the
Pleurothallids – please forward the list on. 



Once again, I'm sorry if I inconvenience you by sending this unsolicited
I really appreciate any support you can give me, as you can probably
imagine, this is a really tough time for me.


Thanks everyone!




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