[pleurothallid-l] Pleurothallid resource/chat at Orchid Board

Marty Krol mkrol at cogeco.ca
Sat Jul 1 20:41:28 EDT 2006

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know about Pleurothalid Chat, every Friday night 
at 8PM EST at OrchidBoard.com  There is also a "Pleurothallis Alliance" 
section in the forum.  By no means is that a replacement for this mailing 
list.  In fact at OrchidBoard we believe and encourage exchange and flow of 
Orchid Info as much as possible.  You can make references to posts on other 
forums or this list without a problem.

We've been targetted by spammers few times before, so unless you join you 
won't be able to do too much.  You don't have to worry about spam.  Once you 
sign up, your email address will not be visible to other members and it 
won't be used for anything by us or anyone else.  Orchid Board is made for 
Orchid people by Orchid people.

We worked very hard to make OB the best forum possible so at least check out 
our Orchid community.  We have some really really awesome features, here are 
the main ones:
Forum of course !
Member Articles - anyone can write something interesting
Free Gallery,
Fully functional Market place (Paypal enabled) - place ads to sell plants 
for free
Auctions - start up a free auction,
Blogs for users,
Book reviews,
Orchid Top Site Listing if you have a venture to promote,
Glossary of Orchid Terms,
and many more !

of course, everything is free with no strings attached, you can come and go 
as you please.  I hope to see you guys there !


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