[pleurothallid-l] Masdevallia book

Bell-Games, Tom tbellgames at burnip.com
Mon Jan 23 09:19:16 EST 2006

I would also like to order one of these.  Will drop a check in the mail

Tom Bell-Games


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Hi.  The rains have caused lots of flooding but despite the stream in my
yard there is no serious damage from that.  I do now have beavers who
have cut down most of my trees and really changed the look of my garden.
As for the snow and wind it did take off 20% of my greenhouse roof when
it was in the mid 20s and snowing but I have wonderful neighbors who
quickly came to my rescue and got the roof panels back on.  It did make
me reconsider this crazy hobby. The gas bill this month was in the
hundreds too.
   Anyway, please send a check for $33 made out to the Oregon Orchid
Society to me: 5142 SW Vermont Street, Portland, OR 97219-1028.
   I picked up 40 copies today but I only have orders for about 15.  I
can return the rest without penalty.

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	Dear Rick,
	George says order it so send the info along. Did you suffer
damage when the storms hit Portland a while back? We got down to almost
freezing last night for the 1st time this winter!!
	Richard Burian wrote:

		Hi everyone,
		It is not too late to get your copy of Masdevallias:Gems
of the Orchid World by Mary Gerritsen and Ron Parsons at the special 40%
discount arranged through my orchid group.  The cost is $33 which
includes the $6 postage/insurance fee.  Please let me know ASAP if you
want one and I'll give you the info on where to mail your check or look
at the December issue of the the Pleurothallid News and Views for
details.  For those of you who already sent checks, the books will be
mailed this week.
		Rick Burian, Director

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