[pleurothallid-l] mini-Tornado

marcusadriana marcusadriana at mls.com.br
Sat Jan 21 04:38:59 EST 2006

Recently, January,the 1st , my ranch (20 acres of native, Atlantic
coast, rain forest of altitude) suffered a tornado that put my higher
trees down and root up, torn their high branches, crushed small trees,
shaded from the luminosity the soil of the forest and cleared the medium
secondary trees in the process of growing. The humidity changed
drastically for every habitat from the canopy to the soil. I lost more
than 400 centenial trees and down came bromeliads, cactus, phylodendrum,
and orchids that I usually can save by putting them on my trees again at
my eyes level. 
The "domino" effect made it impossible to save plants that were
submerged under 1 meter diameter, 20 m high trees, one pilled over the
other and over the other making of 3 meters entangled and inaccessible
by small branches with the under-forest bushes. This confusion of small
elements + big trees gets in some places almost 10 m high of dead
branches and dried leaves making impossible access and a dangerous one
to scratches - I did not have specific body protection devices for this
type of "hunting".
I grabbed and planted more than 1000 orchids in a 2,5 days work with my
foreman. I had to come back to my job in Rio (800 km away) and I hope my
foreman at least tried to save more.
As the trees are very old I can only suppose that this phenomenon is
very, very rare and can only be linked or due to a global warming.
 <mailto:marcusadriana at msl.com.br> marcusadriana at msl.com.br
southeastern Brasil
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