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Jeanne Schudel jschudel at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 6 07:44:18 EDT 2006

Dear Marc,
The disk has arrived. What a lot of time Sue spent making it. It is a 
very good compilation. Is the Bronx Orchid show finally over. How do the 
plants stand up to the exposure or do you keep rotating them.
The house we lived in on Chestnut Ridge Rd was replaced a number of 
years ago. From a Cape Cod with the front dormers it became a boxy 2 
story and at the time we saw it while in the end stages of completion 
was painted light brown!!!. Garage was still the same parallel with the 
lot line while the house was parallel to the road.
How that area has changed!!!
Thanks again for making the CD available.

Marc Nolan Hachadourian wrote:

> Dear All-
> All of your cds that you ordered were shipped and you should have them 
> any minute :)
> enjoy them and let me know.
> Marc 
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