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Jeanne Schudel jschudel at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 11 08:21:24 EST 2005

In the AOS Bulletin for February 1989 there are directions for building a case
that was used in Houston by Ron Hanko when he had to move his collection from
NJ to TX. He made the case himself and gives directions.
It would help if we had some idea of your part of the country. It does
influence the problems you may encounter. good luck
Jeanne Schudel, JAcksonville FL

Marquis & Jennifer Hodes wrote:

> > Michael Sandven wrote:
> > Does anyone know where I can find details for building a DIY case
> > suitable for these types of orchids?
>  >--snip---
> Before you undertake a major construction project you might like to try out
> my solution and see if you want to go the whole 10.5 yards.
> Try obtaining one of these:  (note this is only one source for this item -
> I just happened to know where to find it here)
> http://www.charleysgreenhouse.com/index.cfm?page=_productdetails&product
> id=1116&cid1=174&cid2=270&cid3=-99
> for humidity I use one of these:
> http://www.mainlandmart.com/foggers.html
> the # M001 fitted with K002 and K003 and K011
> in a bucket of water.
> I also have a clip on fan (also from Charley's Greenhouse) to keep up a
> good air circulation.
> Mine is set up indoors adjacent to a large glass patio door and receives
> bright, indirect light.
> This setup will allow you to grow a variety of pleurothallids and other
> miniature, moisture-loving orchids.  You'd be surprised how many minis you
> can fit on the shelves, even allowing ample space for the bucket and fans
> and to not have anything in the direct blast of air from the fans.
> Good Luck,
> Marquis Z. Hodes, MD, PhD
> Too much stuff about to bloom to list it all but the current in-bloom
> favorite is a Notylia barkeri with what seems to be a hundred tiny flowers
> on a single 3-4 inch inflorescence.
> PS:  You might also like to look at:
>  http://www.tallyorchid.org/orcharium/index.htm for how someone else (Prem
> Subrahmanyam) did it.
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