[pleurothallid-l] wardian case plans

Chad Sarles wsarles at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 14:46:01 EST 2005


I recently built a case myself for my 25 (or so) Draculas.

I used much of the information at the following link to create my own:


I made adjustments as necessary. I see about 85-90% humidity during the 
day and I adjust it so there is about 70% humidity at night using timers 
for my ultrasonic humidifiers. I am using 6 fluorescent tubes above. 
With some lava rock on the floor of the case and constant air movement, 
I am seeing about a 5-6 degree drop inside the case compared to the room 
temperature. My Draculas seem to love it. They have been putting out new 
growth ever since I put them in there.

Hope this helps...

 > --snip---
 > Michael Sandven wrote:

 > Does anyone know where I can find details for building a DIY case
 > suitable for these types of orchids?

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