[pleurothallid-l] wardian case plans

Michael Sandven msandven at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Mar 9 14:28:33 EST 2005

Hi all, new to the list since returning to Tampa from the Santa Barbara orchid show last weekend. What a change of pace from the usual shows around Florida and the southeast. We enjoyed ourselves even more than the Miami International shows we have been to.

Anyway, my reason for posting; after my wife saw the cool growing pleurothalids on display in cases form Andy's (what a great display!), and the Pleurothild Alliance, I have been granted the task of building a climate controlled case for her show she can grow some of these miniature jewels.

Does anyone know where I can find details for building a DIY case suitable for these types of orchids? I have googled some pieces of info on the net but not really enough to begin a project. I have finished some wood working projects for the home, have tools,  and I'm generally pretty handy. I could build some sort of plane display case now but I'm not sure about the details of maintaining temps and humididity. Also could use suggestions on automation.

Any help is appreciated.

Michael Sandven
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