[pleurothallid-l] Masd. datura

leo.schordje at degussa.com leo.schordje at degussa.com
Tue Jun 21 13:54:47 EDT 2005

Just a note, my Masdevallia datura, is in bloom again, seems to bloom every
so often, late spring & early summer being the heaviest flush for my
particular clone.  I grow it under 40 watt fluorescent shop lights, in a
basement. Temps are intermediate to cool in winter, intermediate to warm in
summer. I use a seedling  bark mix, water weekly, and relative humidity is
low, only 35 to 60%. All in all it is proving to be an adaptable plant. I
wonder what it would do if it were given 'ideal' condiditons?
      I love the fragrance, it is intoxicatingly sweet, and the fact that
the 4 inch flowers are easy to see with or without the bifocals. I have had
this plant at least 4 years, maybe 5 years. It is becoming an 'old friend'
and slowly becoming speciemen size. I started out with just 4 leaves, I now
have 15 or 20 growths. Another 5 years and I'll have something worth
bragging about.

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