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Brian O'Brien bobrien at gustavus.edu
Mon Jun 20 17:10:41 EDT 2005

    Thanks much for the leads on identification of my plant.  It does look 
a lot like U. lepidota in the illustration (by far the closest match so 
far), but the leaves seem a bit different to me - my plant's leaves look a 
bit more blunt-tipped, and the flowers are not as open.  I'll try to get 
some close-up photos of the flowers once it has another flush of them (it 
flowers several times per year).


At 10:03 AM 6/9/2005, you wrote:

>This is not a Trichosalpinx.  It looks like it may be Unguella lepidota 
>(used to be Pleurothallis lepidota) but I cannot be sure since I can't see 
>the floral parts.  The literature says that this species comes from Panama 
>and Costa Rica.
>Lynn O

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