[pleurothallid-l] restrepia article in Orchid Digest

Frogpondphrags at aol.com Frogpondphrags at aol.com
Mon Jul 18 16:30:13 EDT 2005

Does anyone have a copy of the Orchid Digest Vol  69, #2  Its the  one with 
the restrepia article.
 I tried to purchase a copy directly from Orchid Digest but they don;t  sell 
individual copies.  If I join the Digest they will send the current  issue Vol 
69  #3 which is not the one with the restrepia  article.
Restrepia are my favorite genera and I would very much like to read this  
article. I would gladly buy or borrow  and promptly return this  issue.  Please 
contact me directly at 
_frogpondphrags at aol.com_ (mailto:frogpondphrags at aol.com)    
Thanks from 
Linda S in Michigan

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