[pleurothallid-l] P 668

rsander rsander at racsa.co.cr
Thu Feb 17 17:18:31 EST 2005

HI Chad,

I am Ricardo Sander. I live in Monteverde Costa Rica the Mekka of miniature 
ochids. I have been her for the last 17 years and if anyone is interested I 
got some great property for sale. Check www.monteverdedeals.com.
To your question on what to use to grow your miniature seeds ask Alan 
Bickell from Whitby in Ontario Canada . He has a lab and reproduces 
successfully. I gave him seeds of Pleurothalis and Stellis years ago and he 
was able to get them to grow no problem. He would be the person to ask. His 
email is < bickell at idirect.com >
If you cannot get a hold of him this way his web site is at the Orchidmall 
- suppliers - Canada under Bickell Orchids. Good Luck he is the pro let me 
tell you.

Saludos de Costa Rica Ricardo

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