[pleurothallid-l] pleurothallid-l alive?

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Well, I'd say that some of us are still alive.  We just haven't had a
topic to discuss.  I'm afraid that I can't help you much Chad.  I just
purchased my first pleurothallid flask a few weeks ago, but it is almost
ready to deflask.  I'm only a novice at this whole pleurothallid thing,
so I mostly just sit back and listen to everyone.  Occasionally I'll
throw in a comment here or there or a question, but mostly I'm the
silent one.  I would like to see more conversations going on of course,
otherwise I can't sit here and learn!

>From Tallahassee, FL
(The weather is beautiful and the highs are in the 60's, so it is
perfect pleurothallid weather.  I wish it were always this way!)

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Glad to have you on the list Chad...

Pleurothallid-L is alive and well, just deadly quiet. My personal excuse
is that the small remaining collection I had when I moved to New York
almost three years ago, did not take well to their new environs. I
continue to be passionate and interested about the plants, but don't
have much left to play with.

For those who may be interested, The New York Botanical Garden orchid
show is being installed as we write, will open at the end of the month
and continue through March. Check www.nybg.org for details and the
programming schedule. Lots of interesting things going on. 

Also keep your eyes peeled for the March 05 issue of Orchids which will
have my review of Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXV.

So...how the heck is everyone?


Carlo A. Balistrieri
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