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Bell-Games, Tom tbellgames at burnip.com
Thu Dec 29 14:28:06 EST 2005

I am posting this response that I got from Mick (in Montana) that he
sent off the list.  Am thinking there might be someone else out there
that would be interested in this as well.
I told Mick that I had planned on using RO water because I know
municipal water would have a tendency to build up deposits of
carbonates.  Also, I think humidistats can be less than accurate,
particularly if they are the less expensive type.  So I was also
thinking about setting this up on a timer.
Tom Bell-Games

I also grow indoors, 9 x 12' bedroom approx.
I  had a Jaybird Herrmidifier once; never again.
Far superior is Cameron Smith's FOGAMERICA. Besides, he's a nice guy.
See Ad. pg. 956, Dec.  AOS Orchids, or older ones quarterly. Phone
1-888-248-0379 & his wife will mail you info. If urgent, his cell is:
I don't know about your water; but, for me the key is to run it on R.O.
Also I used a humidistat firsst; but, am much happier now with a
cyclic/interval timer. 


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