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RE: [pleurothallid-l] My first pleuro flowerYou should have seen me jumping around and making funny noises when I was shown some Masdevallia flowers I was to purchase last weekend - and I have over 3,000 pleurothallids. 

Lynn O
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  Congratulations! Welcome to the club. ...and rest assured that EVERY new flowering is exciting, no matter how long you've been at this.


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    I just wanted to say that I finally flowered my first pleurothallid!  I 
    know that for most of you flowering a pleurothallid isn't that exciting, 
    but for me it is!  I've only been growing them for the last 6 months. 
    I've attached a picture of my little one, Pleurothallis hemirhoda.  I've 
    started growing it in the shaded portion of my greenhouse and it's as 
    happy as can be.  I wanted to share my excitement with those who also 
    love these little ones.  I'm definitely hooked on them.  Oh and by the 
    way, George, you missed Ecuagenera.  They arrived Saturday morning. 

    Linda Sedlacek 
    Tallahassee, FL 

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