[pleurothallid-l] Masd datura

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Thu May 20 06:11:16 EDT 2004

Hi Leo,

I hope the story of your love affair with datura will bring more 
exposure to this sexy species!

It surely is a lovely species and makes some desirable floriferous 
hybrids like Bella Donna (with coccinea), Alyssa Maria (with 
veitchiana), Heart Throb (with Heathii), Night Stripes (with 
yungasensis) and grandchildren like Lyn Sherlock.

I have heard that it was first found in an area of the Bolivian Andes 
where the Datura grows.  It certainly has a scent like one and the 
texture and colour of one.  Presumably it evolved to attract the same 
pollinator, or perhaps the Datura evolved to attract the datura's 
pollinator?  Maybe someone more knowledgeable will expand on the 
subject and start a thread.

I find it does not like being divided up and drops lots of leaves 
when it is. I don't get lots of long roots with it like other 
species.  The plant multiplies well but seems to need a shallow, 
wider pot.  Most pots get deeper as they get wider.  I'll be 
interested to hear how others handle it.  A small basket perhaps?

It appears to be an albino but does not act that way.  Two black 
spots at the base of the sepaline tube show why it isn't.

It grows cool here.  Out in the shadehouse with the Coccineae section.

Talking of nice scented Massies.  You should try to get a caudata. 
Not sure whether it will turn you on or your partner off! Haven't 
tried it in the dark either.  The scent might turn off in the dark 
like those overpowering Zygo's!


Ron Maunder  New Zealand

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