[pleurothallid-l] Semi-Hydroponic culture of Pleurothallids

Wendell Kozak wkozak at orchidwire.com
Tue Mar 23 12:52:55 EST 2004


I believe you are thinking of Wally Thomas (West Vancouver, BC). If I 
recall correctly, there was an article in the Bulletin (maybe about 
10 years ago?) written by him concerning the use of Perlite.  There 
is also a short article here by Barb and Wally Thomas that might shed 
some light on the subject:


Cheers.  Wendell

At 20:22 -0500 3/18/04, Marc Nolan Hachadourian wrote:
>there was a guy in British Columbia or Vancouver who was growing Masd. in
>nydroponic culture with amazing results. Then again in BC he didn't have to
>deal with the summer heat like I do in the NE US. His cultural awards were
>only rivaled by the best bay area growers. His name escapes me at the
>moment. But he had a couple of articles in the AOS bulletin some years back
>on hydroponic culture of Odonts as well.
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>>  Has anyone out there had any experience growing Masdevallias or any other
>>  Pleurothallids,under lights,using semi hydroponic culture methods with
>>  expanded clay pellets?  What have your results been?
>>  Bill Meng
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