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You have missed much as they are up to volume 26 right now (26 came out
about a month ago).  It might be easier to say what is not covered:  not all
the lepanthes, pleurothallis and stelis are in there yet and octomeria is
not yet treated.  There may be a few other minor things not yet there, but
these are the major areas.  Ecuadorian lepanthes have been published in the
green books.  Colombian lepanthes are being published in Orquideologia.
There are still other miscellaneous Lepanthes being published elsewhere.
Many of the pleurothallis are published, but since it is such a large genus,
there is still much to go.  Carl says the frogs are next (heart-shaped
leaves).  Two books contain 200 new species of stelis in Ecuador.  There are
still many more stelis to go.  The final book of masdevallia came out
earlier this year.  There are five books in all dedicated to the genus

Lynn O
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> Marc,
> I could be interested in the Green Book CD you mentioned as being
> available from the Missouri Botanical Gardens Press for $50.  I
> started getting them years ago then heard no more.  I have #1,2 and
> 3. Did I miss much in the next 12 issues?   Could you give me some
> idea of the topics/genera covered since #3 please?
> Richard,
> The book on Masdevallias coming up from Timber Press sounds of
> interest too.  Please share any info here which you come up with
> about its contents and price.
> Thanks,  Ron Maunder  New Zealand
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