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Jeanne Schudel jschudel at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 23 18:59:10 EDT 2004

Dear Linda,
We also have keikis on some of the plants. If you can wait until the
weather cools off to make changes you have a better chance of things
growing well. In the heat it is tough for the plants to make roots. That
is why we plan to completely repot the pleuros by Feb.

Linda Sedlacek wrote:

>      My Pleurothallishemirhoda is developing what looks like
>      a keiki.It’s a baby coming from where the flowers normally
>      develop (I think it’s called the ramicaul, but I’m not sure
>      and I don’t have my cheat sheet nearby)Is this normal?I have
>      one large “keiki” that has a leaf that is unfolding and lots
>      of roots and two small “keikis” that are just a single small
>      folded leaf. Should I leave them?If not, at what size should
>      I cut them off?I am really quite confused because I never
>      thought that a pleurothallid would keiki!
>      Linda Sedlacek
>      In Tallahassee, FL
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