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Jeanne Schudel jschudel at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 5 14:27:42 EST 2004

Dear Linda,
Humidity cn be controlled by regulating the amount of frsh air entering
the case. Of course, if the sun shines on the acquarium you have to keep
it open to get rid of the heat.

Linda Sedlacek wrote:

> I haven’t heard any correspondence on here since Christmas, so I hope
> people are still out there.
> I have a question.I grow my pleurothallids in a converted 55 gallon
> aquarium, and my humidity has been varying dramatically. It ranges
> from 75-55%, and it’s starting to stress out my Octomeria.I have
> gravel on the bottom and I try to keep water present among the
> gravel. I also have some containers with water in them.There is a fan
> to allow air flow as well.I was thinking about adding a fogger to help
> increase the temperature.Does anyone have any opinions on this move or
> any suggestions for a fogger?
> Linda
> Tallahassee, FL
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