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I am assuming that you mean humidity rather than temperature? Your range of 75-55 should be fine for the plants (all but the most humidity sensitive species (Brachionidium, Lepanthes etc.) Why do you say that it is "stressing" ? Octomeria a pretty tough genus of pleurothallids.
What symptoms are you having with the plant- I am wondering if it is the humidity or something else. Plants can take varying degrees of humidity -humidity will fluctuate in the natural environment. A small muffin fan located near a plant can also desicate it quickly. Placing saucers of water in the tank will help with humidity - but keeping the gravel moist will work better. There is more surface area for evaporation. If you agitate the containers that will help- the addition of a "bubbler" or air stone used in aquariums works great for that in a small space.

In a small space like you are growing in the addition of humidification can also work for the negative creating too much moisture for the plants leading to bacterial and fungal problems even with proper air circulation.  If you grow plants at a very high humidity (80 % plus) I find that they will burn much easier when exposed to periods of low humidity than ones that are grown with a lower humidity. 
I hope that answered at least some of your questions
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  I have a question.  I grow my pleurothallids in a converted 55 gallon aquarium, and my humidity has been varying dramatically.  It ranges from 75-55%, and it's starting to stress out my Octomeria.  I have gravel on the bottom and I try to keep water present among the gravel.  I also have some containers with water in them.  There is a fan to allow air flow as well.  I was thinking about adding a fogger to help increase the temperature.  Does anyone have any opinions on this move or any suggestions for a fogger?




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