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I have a similar set up, and I have a fogger. If I don't run the fogger, the rh starts to drop into the range you describe, even with water in the pebbles. I have had trouble getting the right set up for easily refillifng the fogger's water, it has been very inconvenient, so was looking for something better.
Colleen, who sometimes posts here, had told me that she uses (I forget the correct name) air stones/bubblers that are used in  fish tanks. She has water in the tank (plants of course are raised out of the water) and the bubbler is in the water, with an air pump attached. 
I had a something left from a pet bowl. It is about 4x4x15"high that has tubes attached in and out with a bubbler inside. I took off the top, just dropped the bubbler in, turned on the pump and let'er rip. It keeps the rh much more constant and in the 70s or more. I imagine that if I had the water in a horizontal tray with more air surface, or a larger air stone, I might get even better results. And, I don't have to refill the container every day!  I am enjoying this solution.  Colleen would be the one to give you a good description of how it all works, but it is worth trying!

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I haven’t heard any correspondence on here since Christmas, so I hope people are still out there.


I have a question.  I grow my pleurothallids in a converted 55 gallon aquarium, and my humidity has been varying dramatically.  It ranges from 75-55%, and it’s starting to stress out my Octomeria.  I have gravel on the bottom and I try to keep water present among the gravel.  I also have some containers with water in them.  There is a fan to allow air flow as well.  I was thinking about adding a fogger to help increase the temperature.  Does anyone have any opinions on this move or any suggestions for a fogger?




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