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Michael Shrom shrommj at ptd.net
Mon Dec 27 20:14:06 EST 2004

     I put the cups in on a slight angle.  I put a little water in the 
bottom of the cups.  The frogs crawl in the cups and lay eggs in the 
cups.  The dart frogs that use these cups and film canisters are called 
thumbnails.  Full size the frogs are no larger than an average persons 
thumbnail.  They  do great in a terrarium planted with orchids.
On Monday, December 27, 2004, at 07:52 PM, Goldorchid at aol.com wrote:

> Yeah but Michael, do the frogs like the cups to hide in, sit on, or 
> drink grape juice from?
> Do you turn them on their sides in the tank for shelter or what?
> Kathy in MN
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