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Mon Dec 27 19:47:32 EST 2004

Hi Guys,
Sorry to not respond much but, life has been way to interesting lately. May 
you never be bored is an understatement!
I frequently grow Masd. & Drac. in spagnum in a net pot in the house & grow 
room where I can mist/water them regularly. When I put them outsied for our hot 
summers I put them in a clay pot that is larger(with more sphag.) to help 
with evaporative cooling AND when I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks I do the same 
to help my critter sitter (2 BIG dogs & a Macaw) cope with the orchids. I 
have yet to bloom some of the easier to grow draculas NOT because of this 
practice but, 'cause of climate changes in my situation that seems to blast the buds 
about mid-formation. Too much cool mist, cool air/hi fan before the lights 
come on??? Is showing cold damage & fungus preliminary situations...
In MN you fight with 1 or the other- too hot & wet or dry & cold.
Happier New Year of Growing these pesky things,
Kathy in MN
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