[pleurothallid-l] Masdevallias in summer?

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Fri Dec 24 06:43:39 EST 2004

Hi Thomas,

Didn't want to put anyone else off answering your query so left it a 
day or two.

Interesting that you still use clay pots for your Masdevallias.  We 
don't see them used much here nowadays.

Would I be misunderstanding your situation if I suggested placing 
your plants in a waterproof tray in summer and packing live moss (or 
dried) loosely around the pots and keeping up to an inch of water in 
the tray?  Perhaps tiny pots would tip or flip over but could be sat 
inside larger ones?  You should get extra cooling and evaporation by 
this method. I have also seen a type of "header tank" arranged above 
the tray to drip into it continuously to keep water in the tray.

Do you have water tanks under your benches?  Polythene film down on 
the floor then covered with gravel etc will keep the greenhouse 
cooler and give a good atmosphere too.  No doubt you have something 
like that?

I tried growing our cut flower Masdevallias and their hybrids in the 
Continuous Flow hydroponic Disa tanks in 25 mm water in a mix of 1:1 
shredded styrene foam and dried sphagnum moss one spring/summer, and 
they grew and flowered magnificently. During winter they obviously 
didn't enjoy continuous wet feet and lost a few leaves here and there 
so I removed them.  I'm talking about winter temperatures as low as 
plus 3 or 4°C air temperature or even an occasional light frost.  The 
plants were in plastic pots.  When removed they dried out very fast 
in warmer weather because of the styrene content in the mix and 
needed to go back in the tanks or be watered nearly every day.

Christmas Greetings to all!

Ron Maunder  New Zealand.


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