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Ederer Thomas thomas.ederer at siemens.com
Mon Dec 20 03:58:00 EST 2004

Hi Ron, Dan and others,

> I must search the supermarket shelves here for canned 
> coconut water. It certainly shows by the picture on the 
> can that it is from green coconuts.

Here in Austria we can buy it at the supermarket. You should get something
equally good at your local asian food store.
The coconut water in our cans is totally clear and tasts like the coconut
water we drank at the beach of Tobago (Carribean).

> I would have thought using it with charcoal would remove 
> some of the vital growth factors?

I did not test that. You could be right because charcoal absorbs many
chemicals and phytohormones.

> "Orchid propagation in vitro course"
> This sounds a great way to get school kids interested in 
> growing orchids, Thomas!  Its so hard to motivate and get 
> young blood in orchid clubs nowadays. A bit of simple 
> science might be the way!

The kids are always very interested and motivated when they hear that they
can take the in vitro flasks home.
One of my students I instructed last year is still flasking orchids - so I
infected here with the orchid virus ;-))

> I'll find something much more worthwhile for you.


> If either or both of you would be willing to share your recipes for 
> mother flask and replate media for pleurothallids, I would be most 
> grateful.

I´m always interested in sharing recipes, protocols, photos, ideas ....

I use for seed sowing (mother flask) Sigma P6668 and for replating I add 10%
coconut water. On our website at "downloads & hints" you can find the recipe
of P6668.


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