[pleurothallid-l] Seed Exchange (Lynn O'Shaughnessy)

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Tue Dec 14 06:05:50 EST 2004

Hi Lynn,

Back on the 7th you were going to post something on seed exchange? 
Perhaps CARNIVORE got hold of it as there was no message came through 
on my email!  First time I've seen a message sent here swallowed up!

I find Masdevallia seed pods/capsules interesting.  They are quite 
different from all other orchid genera I've worked with.  When mature 
they open along the ventral side only in two places whereas other 
genera open their pods in three places around the pod and have three 
"strips" which hold the pod together while maturing.  There are 
probably names for these segments and I'd be happy to use them if 
anyone can offer names?

It appears that most other genera including Paphs have three segments 
to their ovaries.  Do all Pleurothallids have a different set up? 
Perhaps Luer has it all written up in one of his Green Books?

Any explanations?  Are Pleurothallids really orchids?

Ron Maunder

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