[pleurothallid-l] Multi flowered monsters

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Mon Dec 13 01:37:19 EST 2004

Hi Thomas (and others?),

Just received some dry seed from a young guy who helped here over the 
holidays. He made a cross on a chunk of Masdevallia macrura I gave 
him. Don't know if you are into hybrids?  This might be about the 
ugliest you could dream of! It is macrura x pachyura.  The latter has 
a multifloral spike I seem to recall.  I'm guess Lyn would have a 
picture of it on her WP. You could use it to experiment with over 
there in Holland - or is it Germany, then throw most out before they 
flowered!  Any problems posting you a pinch, or is the post office 
irradiating all mail over there like they are/were in the USA?   The 
above offer of orchid seed does not apply to those in the USA as I 
would hate to alert Carnivore to your emails!  An expensive Phyto 
Cert is also required into USA now for seed/pollen/flasks/plants.

You talk of coconut water, Thomas?  Is this from green coconuts or 
ripe?  Here we call "coconut water" that which comes from green ones 
and "coconut milk"is from those round brown hairy ones that have been 
stripped and have the hard white "meat" inside that is made into 
desiccated coconut for cooking or made into copra by the natives 
where it grows.  Then there is coconut cream available here in tins 
which appears to be the "meat" ground up into a thick white cream and 
very rich in coconut oil.  Not sure if it has the water or milk 
factor included (and thus the growth hormones) or not.

Any experts out there know which best carries the growth factors? 
Some say water/milk needs filtering to take out protein material 
first and make it clear or pH problems can occur.

As an aside. I tried the canned coco cream once when I couldn't buy 
any coconuts and I got layers of congealed white coconut "wax" 
floating on the agar!  Looked very like fungus growing on the top!


Ron Maunder

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