[pleurothallid-l] potting medium for dracula

Frogpondphrags at aol.com Frogpondphrags at aol.com
Wed Aug 18 13:28:52 EDT 2004

Several of my dracula are in need of repotting. They are in New Zealand 
Sphagnum moss in net baskets.  Have others used different potting media for 
dracula?. They are doing great with new growth. However I wonder if the moss breaks 
down too quickly and/or stays to moist.  We have a greenhouse and winter temps 
range between 50 & 70f. 
    I received several very nice bare rooted dracula from Orchid House during 
their sale. The plants were originally in plastic pots with a fir based 
medium.  Not wanting to upset the dracula I used this type of mix instead of 
sphagnum. They seem happy here too.
    All suggestions and experience with draculas are most welcome. 
Linda S
In northwestern lower Michigan where temps may drop to 48 this week.  Good 
news no snow in the forecast.
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