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Bill & fellow listmembers,
      I use the MSU formulation, bought a 25 pound bag of the DI water
formulation. I use it at 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. I feed
continuously, every watering. I like the general improvement in color and
health of my mixed collection. My Paphs are starting to look like I feed
them meat. Shiny, glossy leaves. After using MSU fertilizer for about 1
year I got my first ever CCM on a Dryadella edwallii. How's that for a
testimonial? No science, just anecdote. My opinion is that the weaker
solution is preferable to over doing it. I am a hobby grower, I am not
trying to maximize production. I want healthy plants that throw a lot of
flowers. I find if I grow on the bright side and feed on the light side I
get my best results. Slower growing , but better flowering. My unscientific
opinion. When I get time, I should construct a controlled experiment.

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>Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:34:18 -0400
>From: "Bill Meng" <bill1 at earthlink.net>
>Subject: [pleurothallid-l] MSU Fertilizer

Speaking about fertilizers growers will "fertilize weekly weakly" or just
"water with dilute applications".  I am currently using the MSU fertilizer
with water from a basement dehumidifier or rain water.  Using the liquid
concentrate sold by Porters I had been diluting 1 tsp per gallon (label
suggests 1 tablespoon per gallon).  Recently an orchid dealer told me that
this fertilizer could be used according to label directions.  At 1
tblspn/gal (as recommended) this fertilizer is being applied at almost 500
ppm.  Most recommendations for fertilizing I've come across seem to be in
the vicinity of 100--150 ppm.  2/3 tsp would give approximately 100 ppm.

I would like to know how other pleurothallid growers are using this
Bill Meng
bill1 at earthlink.net


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I'm using 1 tsp per 1 1/2 gallon at most waterings...once in awhile I use
straight RO or my tap water which has 180 ppm TDS. I have not experienced
any leaf tip burn... I HAVE noticed weaker flower stems this year...I dont
know if its a fert issue, light issue... the stems may be longer due to
light...hence...weaker... I have heard this can be caused by a magnesium
deficiency, but I am no chemist (nor botanist). I was ALSO told I could use
the fert at recommended doses...I'm just afraid to do it.
As to the PPM of fert...I think the recommendation for 100PPM is a general
water quality guideline. It makes a difference what the PPM consists
of.....is it Sodium? Calcium? I'll be interested to read more on this...I'm
pretty clueless as to what strength Pleuros should get on the MSU fert.
Colleen Bevans


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