[pleurothallid-l] MSU Fertilizer

Bill Meng bill1 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 16 15:34:18 EDT 2004

Speaking about fertilizers growers will "fertilize weekly weakly" or just
"water with dilute applications".  I am currently using the MSU fertilizer
with water from a basement dehumidifier or rain water.  Using the liquid
concentrate sold by Porters I had been diluting 1 tsp per gallon (label
suggests 1 tablespoon per gallon).  Recently an orchid dealer told me that
this fertilizer could be used according to label directions.  At 1
tblspn/gal (as recommended) this fertilizer is being applied at almost 500
ppm.  Most recommendations for fertilizing I've come across seem to be in
the vicinity of 100--150 ppm.  2/3 tsp would give approximately 100 ppm. 

I would like to know how other pleurothallid growers are using this
Bill Meng
bill1 at earthlink.net

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