[pleurothallid-l] Self- Cross pollination and protandry

Raymond L.Tremblay raymond at hpcf.upr.edu
Fri Aug 13 13:51:34 EDT 2004

Hello to all.

I'd like some information from anyone who has any and that are willing 
to share.  I'm writing a paper at the moment in which I describe  
protandry in three species of Lepanthes from Puerto Rico.  Protandry is 
the process by which flowers mature from being at the male phase and 
then become female.  in other words, in this case I show that flowers 
of Lepanthes rubripetala, L. rupestris and L. woodburyana have very low 
fruit set when flowers are one to five day old, while if flowers are 
six or more days old fruit set goes up (the probaility of setting a 
fruit).   These species of Lepanthes are also self-incompatible, this 
means that if you use pollen from the same plant to pollinate it it 
will not produce a fruit.

Now I was wondering about the other sister genera to Lepanthes, 
Lepanthopsis and Frondaria, if anyone had done some pollinations in 
these species (self and cross) and if flower age had any effect.   I'd 
also be interested in any other information from any other group of 
Pleurothallidinea you may have in regards to these parameters of 

Thanks to all of you.


Raymond Tremblay
University of Puerto Rico
Humacao campus
Humacao, PR, 00791
raymond at hpcf.upr.edu

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