[pleurothallid-l] Dracula Cultural Guide

Lynn O'Shaughnessy freespirit at pleurothallids.com
Sun Aug 1 21:52:23 EDT 2004

They are out of print.  I do believe that George has one or two extra
copies, but I will let him answer that.  I don't know what plans there may
be to reprint it.

Lynn O
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> Can someone tell me the status of the Dracula Cultural Guide which we
> printed in 1997 (First Edition): do we have copies, is there a second
> edition; how much do they cost?  I found 3 extra copies that I purchased
> back then and would be willing to sell them to members if they are out of
> print, otherwise folks should support the PA and get them directly.
> Rick Burian
> Portland, OR
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